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Complete Vehicle Sales Order

The complete solution to integrate confirmed sales orders to your CDK Dealer Management System (DMS), ready for invoicing.


For partners or retailers using their preferred sales showroom system to manage the sales quotation and order process. This product enables the user to find customer and vehicle inventory vehicle information, then send the completed sales order into their DMS to be invoiced. Complete Vehicle Sales Order saves valuable time having to re-key and update information across multiple systems. The integration also negates frustrating data quality issues between the sales and administration teams. Unlike using a showroom sales product standalone with no integration, our solution provides the user with all of the latest information at their fingertips - creating truly seamless and connected retail experience.

Empowered by real-time customer and vehicle stock data

The sales team can access up-to-date information to help facilitate quality customer conversations about your current, available vehicle stock in real-time

Boosts Sales Administrator efficiency

Instead of the sales administration team manually re-entering confirmed sales orders into the DMS, Complete Vehicle Sales Order enables direct integration to save time and boost efficiency.

Selling cars instead of re keying data

Allow sales teams to engage with the customer and deliver a better experience instead of the administration time to re-key data across multiple systems.

From deal to delivered faster

Once the sales order is agreed with the customer, it can be seamlessly integrated within the DMS, making it ready to invoice and enabling a faster handover.

Availability: Autoline, Autoline Drive, Automaster, Contact, EVA (coming soon) and WinDrakkar (coming soon)

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Provides endpoints to:

  • Search for customers
  • Search for vehicle stock
  • Create new sales order
  • Confirm/cancel sales order
  • Add/remove trade-in on sales order
  • Add/remove vehicle for sale on sales order
  • Update sales order information


Search for a Customer

Find the latest customer information stored in your DMS.

New and used vehicle stock information

Obtain the latest information at your fingertips about your new and used vehicle stock in real-time with any changes to the specification, pricing or availability.

Confirm or cancel a sales order

Once a deal has been agreed with the customer, send the confirmed sales order straight to the DMS, ready to be invoiced saving valuable time re-keying the data in between systems. If a customer changes their mind, a cancellation of the sales order can be sent to the DMS.


Showroom front-end software suppliers

This product can be used by partners to automate and synchronise their front-end showroom system into the DMS, eliminating the need for users to manually re-enter infromation and have live search and update access to DMS database.